List of businesses endorsed by Black Wolf Siren. 


Tarot and Psychic Readings

A truthful psychic reading is rare, many readers set out to give you what they think you want to hear, or they are afraid to tell you the truth, it is after all, human nature to want to be “liked.  However, I’m old school, from the days of the spiritualist camps where my Grandmother was one of the most favored spiritualists in the Northwest. My Grandmother taught me to “get out of the way” and let the DIVINE SPIRIT come through, as you are paying for that higher wisdom, not my opinion.Truth can set you free when you are “stuck” and it allows you to see the REAL blocks, the chaos.  you can clear up the confusion in your life that is created with your trying to balance all the complexity of love, work, and home in this fast-paced world. I am not going to tell you fantasies, I am here as my life path calling:  to give YOU tools that will help you to grow, to open, and live a happier life! I have grown up in the world of Psychics, and have studied many forms of religion and spirituality; I am a minister, forty years a hypnotherapist, a third-degree Wiccan, couple communication counselor, and an addiction coach.  I am just as comfortable in a church as i am in a circle in the woods.  All the many paths to God, all the many names for God.  I believe that spirituality is separate from Religion, for there are good people in all religions, and those who are lost as well. Our spiritual health can bring us a happy life no matter what belief system we were raised with.I tune in as you speak, to the sound of your voice, as you tell me a bit about your situation, I can go very deep, get your answers quickly and in detail. The biggest bang for your buck, is to lead me to where the confusion lay, and then let me dive in.  I will need your first name, and sometimes your birth date, as it helps me to select the tools, if any, I may need for your reading. Tools:  I do not automatically grab for my Tarot decks, pendulum, or even my oracle cards, instead I open to what comes through intuitively. You can ask me to use tools if you have a preference. I have developed many of my “Psychic Abilities” and feel confident I can offer whatever you need for guidance.

Mythic Mead is a small artisanal meadery. Providing Idaho with its first dedicated meadery*, Mythic Mead LLC is a veteran-owned and operated company that started from a passion and a genuine desire to share merriment and joy with others. Established in 2015 by a disabled Army vet and his wife in Boise, ID, it has been an adventure starting this business. They hope to introduce mead to those who don’t know about this incredible libation, and offer a high-quality option on the market for those who already do know what mead is. They would love if you help them in this endeavor by telling your friends (over 21) to be mythic, and drink Mythic Mead™.

208 805 9290