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Ever Wonder Why Your Spell Didn't Work?

Red candle, check. Friday, check. Cinnamon and vanilla, check. Got the spell from a dusty old book, check. A month has passed and still no suitors at the door. So what gives?

A spell is manipulation of energy in accordance with our will. We know that. Physics tells us energy is not created, nor destroyed. But where does that energy come from?

There must be a balance. There must be a give and take. After all, magick comes with a price, doesn't it?

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Take a Lesson From Ancient Magick

The ancients new this. Hence the sacrifices. Does this mean you need to kill a goat to make your spell work? No, of course not. But you do have to make a sacrifice. And that sacrifice is your energy, in the form of your time, attention, worship or action.

What will you give for this spell to work? You could give items to an altar of a deity. You could give daily worship. Or you could sacrifice a given amount of time doing something in service of the deity you are petitioning. For example, to serve Venus, you could give 100 compliments to strangers. This will spread some love and good feelings. Appreciating beauty in others will make you appreciate life more and it will brighten the day of everyone you complement. This will increase your own beauty and attractiveness as well as make people and the goddess happy. There is nothing Venus likes more than love, beauty and appreciation.

If you are asking for money, you could help those without. If you don't have money to give, you can volunteer. Spend a day at a homeless shelter, help with a fundraiser for a shelter. Donate items you no longer need. Sometimes you must give to receive. Giving to those in need will increase your vibration around money. It will increase your gratitude for the things you have. You will feel uplifted and more deserving of money coming to you if you have also given to others.

If you seek the favor of Poseidon you could do an ocean clean up day. For Odin you could help wounded warriors.


Be More Than a “Good Witch”

It isn't enough to just be a good witch, to light a white candle for a friend, or to listen and give advice. I used to think these things were enough to trade for the energy I needed, when I needed it. It is far better to meet the spirits at the crossroads, bare your soul and make a deal. Make one that you can keep. A positive one you are happy to keep. But make it cut and dry. This in exchange for this.


The Secret to Manifestation

There is no secret. This knowledge has been around a long time. Posting things on a dream board and wishing and wishing will not manifest them. How many times have you seen cut outs of fancy cars and big houses on a board at a friends house? They wish and they wish and they wish to no avail. There is a lot to be said for dreaming, and I don’t discount its importance. But hollow wishing wont manifest mansions. You must do the work to reap the benefits.

Do not beg your gods; work with them. Just like any healthy relationship there must be give and take. Just like there is with your friends, your family, your lovers, or your familiars. It is the same with the universe, or a specific deity or even a spirit guide. Find out what they like, and offer it to them.

Offer a daily prayer, a flower, a portion of your meal. You could even offer something that is hard for you to give up. Like a bad habit.

I find that offerings of service to those in need are the most effective.

Play with the Fae

Faeries can be very helpful when you need to find a lost object. They increase the fun at any party. They can help a garden grow. Your offering should depend a lot on which kind of fae you are appealing to. For playful sprites you can offer them a silly dance, a joke, a day of all out lost inhibitions and fun. For the garden variety, you could make them a fairy door, a little home, or offering of bread or something sweet.


A Note On the Mighty Dead

I saw Orion Foxwood speak at Pantheacon many years ago, and he referred to our friends and family that have passed as The Mighty Dead. I think that is a fitting term for the spirits we have around us. The Mighty Dead are comprised of more than just our close relatives; they stretch back through the ages to all of our ancestors.

A good way to honor them is to make a little altar with their photos. Or, you can print out pictures and adhere them to glass candles. I love the idea of Dios De Los Muertos. It is important to remember your ancestors, to honor them and to invite them into your home.

If you don’t know who they are, or you don’t have images of them, you can use artwork that you feel represents them.

If you need to heal a past emotional wound, or a hereditary ailment, you might call upon them. Ask them for guidance when you need to make a big decision. Ask them for protection before a long journey.



Energy for Energy Will Make Your Spell Successful


The point is, trade. Trade your energy for the energy you are asking for. Similarly to sins and numbers of Hail Marys required to absolve it, there must be an equal exchange. It needs to be directly proportional to what you are asking for.

When you are doing your working, think about what it is you will trade. Use your pendulum, tarot cards, runes or gut feeling to see if what you have offered is sufficient for what you are asking for.

If the answer is yes, promise to fulfill it and complete your working. If not, suggest things you that you are capable of doing. Now there isn't a set time limit on this, unless you set one. The gods are patient; they have eternity to wait. However you need to make good on your part of the bargain first. I would recommend doing it within the first lunar cycle. Do it quickly and watch how fast it is returned to you.


Energy begets energy. Don't forget it. Step out of your comfort zone. Get creative and get out there and do it.


Guest Post by Diana Ravenwood

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  • melissa shorter on

    love it! you get back what you put in……energy,intent-energy!!!!!

  • Mara on

    This was an AWESOME blog! I’m a Crone, teaching for many years and this hit all the notes I teach!!! YES! This is how you work with the Universe. I praise the ethics and hope this goes viral in our Wiccan/Pagan community!!! Thank You! BB

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