Understanding the Triple Goddess Symbol

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The Triple Goddess

Triple Goddess symbol can make you more powerful! This symbol is rich in history, starting with the three aspects of female power archetypes. Which stage of female Goddess are you in? Which could you use to navigate your life's challenges? Read on to learn more!


The Triple Goddess symbol is one of the common and recognizable symbols in Witchcraft, Wicca and Pagan traditions. The symbol can be found on some crowns or head pieces worn particularly by priestesses. It is often on altars, clothing and jewelry. 

So, what is The Triple Goddess Symbol and who is The Triple Goddess that is highly revered by Witches and much talked about in Witchcraft books and websites?

One quick way to settle the confusion is to remind people that The Triple Goddess is a type of Goddesshead, and not a particular Goddess, or a trio of Goddesses.

In Witchcraft, The Triple Goddess is seen as having three forms: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone. This trio represents the powers possessed by the inner woman and they mirror the stages of womanhood. It strengthens feminine energy and psychic abilities.

Many pagans honor The Triple Goddess who is seen as the female counterpart of The Horned God. It should however be noted that the concept of only a single goddess which represents either The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone, is mainly that of a Neopagan and Wiccan.

The image of the symbol of The Triple Goddess below depicts The Waxing Moon, The Full Moon and The Waning Moon. These symbol representing phases of the moon, shows the different phases in the lives of women.

The Maiden

The Maiden is the Goddess of youthfulness, new beginnings and often virginal beauty. She is full of ideas, optimistic, ready to take on the world and always looking into future possibilities. She is associated with the new moon and spring fertility festivals. She is the Goddess of the Dawn, of youthfulness, anticipation of life and fresh potential.

The Maiden is the Goddess of art, creativity and self-expression of beauty, intelligence, and skill. The Maiden is manifest in action and self-confidence, exploration and discovery. She is sometimes referred to as the Virgin. The term virgin in this context does not mean physical virginity, it means that She is young and independent, taking responsibility for Her actions.

The Goddess may be experienced in Her form as Maiden when you behold a new born, while enjoying the simple and ordinary pleasures of life - the beauty of sunset, a butterfly in the wind, the stillness of a forest – all fall within the Maiden Goddess’s realm. The Maiden Goddess’s magick has a strong connection to natural magick and Nature. She inspires with new ideas or leads one along a new path that is new to you. She can give you a fresh new way to look at something.

The Waxing Moon which is the Maiden Goddess’s Moon represents creation and inspiration. Soft and light colours such as white, soft yellow, and pink are usually Her colours and they symbolize innocence and newness. The Maiden likes wild flowers, most especially white ones and her age group can be classed between puberty and early twenties.

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The Mother


The Mother Goddess is a mature, experienced lover and (often parental in nature, but not always. She is caring, nurturing and protective. She represents selflessness. She is associated with fertility, abundance, the full moon, family, domestic issues, sexuality, children, growth, knowledge, the summer (when pregnant) and winter (after childbirth).

The Mother form of the Triple Goddess is perhaps the easiest to understand and identify with. People can relate easily to a physical mother nurturing, protecting, showing care and loving her children. She represents the confident adult, parenthood, summertime and harvest. She is seen as the procreation of all earthly and universal things. She is the highest point of all cycles and the sustainer of the Universe. She is the fullness of life, She turns the Wheel of all the seasons, and is the repository of all knowledge. She is the Earth Mother and the Sky Mother who walks beside us into the Labyrinth of Mysteries. The Universe is Her child and She loves and cares for it, providing it with inexhaustible resources from within Herself, even as a mother nurses Her infant from the milk of her breasts.

Her color is red and other bright and exciting colors such as royal blue, green, copper. Her symbol is the Full Moon and some associate Her with the Cauldron and the churning pot of re-generation symbols. The Mother Goddess is the ruler of the Sabbats of Beltane, Lammas and Litha. She shares Winter Solstice with the Maiden and the Crone.

Mother Goddess magick is most powerful at the Full Moon. She is called upon for spells involving fruition, protection, healing, protection, guidance, marriage or life partners, gardening, animals, choices, peace, psychic direction and spiritual awakening.

The Crone

The Crone Goddess is the wise and respected elder of the trio. She cares for both the Maiden and The Mother. The Crone is the Wise Woman, the Witch, the Matriarch. The Crone is the Goddess of Death, Wisdom, magic, the Spirit realm, and guidance. The Crone is the Great Sorceress, creating Her will with magic. She represents the "dark" side-- fears, decay, and destruction.

Of the three distinct persons of the Triple Goddess, The Crone may be the least understood, often pushed aside, reviled and feared by some. As a result, She is called the Terrible Mother, the Dark Mother, and the Hag by some. The Crone deals with the end of life and death; She is the way to death and rebirth. The Crone Goddess is the chilly winter, the abyss, night, outer space, menopause, and the advancement of age. She is the darkness of the night and death and the natural end to all phases of life.

She is the guiding Goddess of trance work and the spirit world, who leads us to past life and memories so that we can focus our energies on learning life’s numerous lessons before passing into the next life. She offers a comforting hand when, just like humans do, we are sorrowful as a result of the death of a beloved one or the end of our own life. She gives deep understanding about death being the necessary phase to pass through before rebirth.

The magick of The Crone Goddess is most powerful at the Dark Moon. She is called upon for spells that involves harvesting, resting, meditations based on past life and path working, endings, aging, retribution, death, protection from psychic or physical attacks, trance work and communication with the Spirit world.

More on The Triple Goddess Symbol

Another aspect of the symbol is its representation of birth, life and after life. Many cultures in history focus around this aspect of magickal symbol of The Triple Goddess, which predates well known religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It should however be noted that not every Goddess fits into the trio of The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. Pagans of old were not monotheists and they did not believe all Goddesses were an aspect of the same divine feminine.

The Triple Goddess Symbol is seen on clothes, jewelry and decorations. It is often a way that witches and pagans can recognize each other. It is a lesser known symbol than the pentacle, and it draws far less unwanted attention and stigma. Many women wear it to show their love for the goddess within and their commitment to the craft. Many men wear it to show love and adoration for the goddess.

In conclusion, the Triple Goddess symbol was, and still is a symbol of women’s connection to the moon. It is a powerful symbol of the connection of women from all over the world; something beyond our planet and what it can bring to us here on our planet. The Triple Goddess in her three forms symbolizes the different aspects of femininity which includes menstrual cycle (The Maiden), childbirth (The Mother) and menopause (The Crone).

However, The Triple Goddess should not be seen as a role model for women but rather as Her representation of Nature – the ever changing cycles of life. This also calls to remembrance that change is an important quality of life. Whatever phase you are in life or are approaching, it is important that you embrace and love every step of the way and celebrate your inner power.

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  • Katie on

    This all great and wonderful information, but it’s good to note that the triple goddess is not just a Pagn, Wicca, or witch symbol. It is much older than that and can even be seen in Greek mythology and the Neolithic age of the Mediterranean.

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