How to Create a Charmed Candle Spell

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Follow these simple steps to use candle magick to create a powerful amulet. You will learn how to make a charged pendant for any objective. 

Things You Will Need for a Charmed Candle Spell:

 Candle making supplies (can be purchased as a kit from most craft stores or online)

Wax of corresponding color (also craft stores or you can melt dollar store candles)

Corresponding herbs

A charm or pendant

A container for the candle (usually a glass jar or something similar)

Images printed on paper

Nail polish and glitter (optional) Craft paint also works. I like nail polish because it is more like a lacquer and will hold up better. Craft paint might peel or flake when it gets hot.

Modge podge

Small art paint brush

 A Charmed Candle Spell Can be Used for Many Purposes

This spelled can be used for a variety of things, protection, manifestation, confidence and love. Choose what you wish to draw and select a charm or pendant that corresponds to your desires. For protection you might choose Thor’s hammer, an eye or a rune. For money, you could choose something green. For luck a horseshoe. For attracting love, a heart pendant. Whatever feels right to you.


It is best if you can create this candle during a waxing moon, or if you are banishing, then do it during a waning moon. If you can align it with astrological movements, all the better. As always, mediate or do divination to consult with your higher self or guides before beginning your work.

 Crafting your Charmed Candle

Open circle, clear out negative energies and consecrate your space. Call in corresponding gods/goddess or guides. Spend time decorating the vessel of the candle. I like to print images of goddesses or an image of myself if it is an empowerment spell. Then I typically use modge podge to glue and smooth down the artwork. Using a paint brush, put a VERY thing layer on the candle container, let it get tacky and then carefully apply your image. Wait until fully dry, then apply a thin layer over the top of it. Add personal sigils with nail polish and glitter. Add alchemical symbols, or planetary symbols. Most importantly, have fun with it. Decorate it until you are in love with it. Let it be a meditative process.


Next, wrap the charm or pendant in tin foil and place it at the bottom of the candle container. Prepare herbs that correspond to your goal. You can also add gemstones or oils. Hold each item one by one in your palms and visualize the outcome you desire, then add it to the vessel.


Heat the wax on the stove and pour it into the vessel. I like to layer the wax and herbs.


Don’t forget to thank and dismiss the spirits you invited and close the circle!

Burn Your Charged Candle on Your Altar 

When it cools, burn it on your altar. You can let it burn all the way through, or you can stop and start again. If you do put the flame out, smother it rather than blow it out. If you blow it out it will blow the magick away. I should warn you, herbs and juicy magick can make flames jump and sparks fly out, so make sure it is somewhere very safe, far out of reach of anything flammable. Also, I have found that if you don’t seal a paper image, or if the wick is close to the glass it can actually light the paper on the other side! One solution is to get a flower pot or pan and fill it with sand and place the candle in the middle.


Each time you light it, visualize the outcome. See it happening, make it real. When the wax is gone, collect the charm or pendant and wear it when you want to manifest your goal.

How to Use Your Charged Amulet

Wear your charged amulet whenever you wish to manifest the energy you put into it. If you made it to increase your attractiveness, wear it when you go out. If it is for protection, wear it if danger might be near by, or all of the time. You can also use a string or a chain to hang it somewhere you want to manifest the energies of the amulet. 

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  • Black Wolf Siren on

    Yes. I do. You can either put them in the pot with the melted wax or you can pour a little wax, sprinkle some herbs then pour a little more and so on. Just be sure to be careful when burning. Herbs can make the fire spark and pop a little. Not a lot, but just use caution.

  • AutumnRaven DesertSong on

    Can you mix the herbs into the wax and get the same magical outcome?

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