Are You Grounded?

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No, I am not referring to a time out; I am referencing the practice of clearing energy attachment!

It is important to ground yourself after any magical ritual or ceremony. Grounding can be applied following many practices: witchcraft, meditation, tarot reading, psychic reading, massage, learning new information, after relationship ties are severed or rockin’ out after a concert!

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I often here from witches, massage therapists or other varied practitioners that they feel drained after providing service; my first question is, ‘Did you ground yourself afterward?’ You’d be surprised by how many people look at me dumbfounded with that ‘Huh?’ face on!

 Many either aren’t grounding or do not even know how to properly ground after an exchange of energy. Grounding is an essential practice and can be applied in almost any situation.

So how do I ground, you might ask?

Here are a few proven methods for effectively grounding one’s energy:

  • Ring a bell
  • Wiggle your toes and fingers
  • Sit quietly and imagine roots growing from the bottom of your spine and everywhere your body contacts the ground all the way to the center of the earth
  • Imagine swimming under water and returning to land afterward
  • Smudge with Sage or Palo Santo – or any of your favorite incense
  • Apply energy clearing breathing techniques
  • Take a salt bath
  • Wear a crystal amulet with grounding energy
  • Sit quietly with calming tea
  • Have a light snack

Grounding can help you to:

  • Reduce feelings of confusion, fear or anxiety
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Restore energetic balance
  • Sever ties from past relationships
  • Increase clarity and mental acumen; understanding
  • Initiate wisdom, desires and purpose

 Guest post by Jamie Murad

Feel free to contact me and share your favorite way to ground energy, or if you have further questions on grounding practices!

Jamie Murad is a magical practitioner, blog writer and social media manager. She can be contacted at

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  • Wendy Bongiovanni on

    I ground myself with a bucket of fresh soil. I run my hands through it and close my eyes while breathing it in deeply.

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