5 Traits of an Excellent Psychic


It can be hard to sift through page after page of psychics to call on a big site or to choose one that works in a shop. So many psychics have varying prices and mixed reviews. How do you pick the best of the best? Here are 5 things to look out for to find a good reader.


A Good Psychic is an Honest Psychic

Sometimes in life we don’t want to be told the truth. We want to hide in our delusions. We want our fantasy version of reality to be true. There are many psychics out there that are more than willing to indulge in this fantasy with you and paint a sugarcoated vision of your life. They will happily take your money to do so. But a good psychic will not do that. Oh no, they will give you tough love if need be. They will tell you straight up what the truth of the matter is. It may be hard to look at, but it is better to know isn’t it? Isn’t that why you called a psychic in the first place? A good psychic cares about humanity. They care about your troubles and strife. They care about you learning your spiritual lessons so that you can move on to a higher vibration. Yes their time is valuable and comes with a fee, but that is the fee they require so that they can continue to do what they love full time.

An Excellent Reader is Also Compassionate

Are we all perfect? No, of course not. Is it scary to be so wide open to someone who has x-ray vision? Yes, of course it is, but psychics see the flaws and strengths in everyone. They see your humanity. No one is perfect. It is nothing to be a shamed of. A good reader will listen with compassion. They will be understanding and want the best outcome for you.

 Great Psychics Offer Spiritual Lessons

Seasoned psychics will follow up hard truths with spiritual lessons. Generally it will be a non denominational lesson. It doesn’t matter which lens you use to view spirit, the point is that you connect. A good psychic will offer you tools for your toolbox to use when the road gets bumpy. Perhaps it is a new perspective, perhaps it is a meditation, or maybe a little bit of spiritual homework to work on. They will point you in the direction of development.

  A Truthful Psychic Wont Ask for More Money

A truly talented psychic will not ask you for money for a spell that they promise to cast later on your behalf. This is a con employed by some "readers". True psychics fees are upfront and fair. They charge one fee for one reading. They will not ask you to come back for another reading. They are confident in their skills. They know the value of their insight and that you will be back. And if not, that is ok too.

A Real Psychic Will Tell You When They Can't See Something

Yep. That’s right. If they look at your future and don’t get a “hit” (a word used for a psychic impression) then they will say so. Sometimes we aren’t meant to know. Some things they aren’t meant to share. They will be honest about what they see or can’t see. It is not a weakness or a fault. Treasure that honesty and go with the flow. It is far better they tell you upfront, rather than try to fill in the blanks.



Here is a curated list of psychics that have been reviewed and vetted by the staff of Black Wolf Siren. They appear in no particular order.




If you want sugarcoated, honey you had better go to the candy store. If you want the truth, call Mara. Auntie Mar, as she is affectionately known by her friends and clients, is like your cool aunt if you cool aunt was psychic. She has a uncanny gift for seeing the truth, which she will share with you, but always with kindness and support. She has many years of training and practice as a priestess and spiritual consoler. She is wise, powerful and all heart.



Sharon Knight


If you are looking to be sung a fabrication filled with platitudes, you wont find it here. Sharon is the lead singer of Pandemonaeon, whose style the band calls neofolk romantique. Sharon has spent her life dancing with the creative forces of the universe. She brings honesty to the table along with love, charisma and encouragement to guide you on your unique path. Her cut to the chase and uplifting style will help you to find your own voice.




Chris McBride


You can spin and spin on the wheel of fate without direction, or you can get a reading from Chris McBride. Chris is a doula and has been a reader for 20+ years. She invented her own form of divination. A deck called the Mosaic Deck. This powerful deck employs the wisdom of astrology as well as the yin/yang energies. Chris is known for her patient, kind and perceptive therapeutic listening. Give her your query and she will deliver an in depth, dynamic reading. Call her to experience her talents and her innovative divination deck.




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