25 Wonderfully Creepy, Macabre Gothic Decor and Oddities


Step inside to see a select group of curios and unique gothic decor. There is a little something for all of you lovely strange folks. 

1. Kindertodt Oddity Doll: Olga Badgerlope

This is the magnificent Olga Badgerlope. Doesn't she just give you the willies? Part victorian doll, genuine badger skull and antlers to boot! This scary yet charming doll would be an excellent addition to any mantle. 

2. Queen of Hell - Headdress

How fabulously spooky is this? This headdress is from My Witchery and it was crafted by talented and beautiful goth model Katrin Lanfire. It features real bore's tusks and a creepy little face hugger. Sport this and you will surely feel like the Queen of Hell. 

3. Ram Skull and Roses Square Pillow

This striking pillow is a little southwest ghost town, goth and somehow feminine. It is 18" X18" slick, soft and high contrast. The perfect addition to a bed, couch or lounge. 

 4. Pair of Tentacle Candlestick Holders

I am absolutely in love with these. They are sure to go over swimmingly with any guest. Allow the arms of the Kraken to hold a soft glowing light at your table. Romantic, mythical and perfect for date night feasts. 

 5. Sphinx's Tea

This lovely lady is one of my all time favorite paintings. What is going on here? She looks spooky with those slender legs but also cute, serene and proper drinking her tea in her meditative state. Looking at her, I wonder what answers she holds. What might I ask such a creature?  This is the dream child of Sandara on deviant art. Go and see all of her epic works. Seriously, check them out. 

6. Welcome Foolish Mortals

This should be a fair warning to anyone willing to enter your lair during the day. Or night for that matter. 

7. Custom Taxidermy Bat Shadowbox

Real bats!?! How cool are these? Goth victorian with just the right amount of glam and creepiness all rolled into one. These would be the crown jewel of any dark decor. 

8. Metal Bird Skull Cabinet Knobs

Wrap your little fingers around these metal bird skulls each time you open a cabinet or drawer.  These are the perfect accent to any dark chest or cabinet full of herbs.

9. Day of the Dead Virgin Mary Guadalupe Resin Statue

 Absolutely glorious work of art. Hand painted with great care. This dark Virgin Mary of Guadalupe would be wonderful, surrounded by candles, on any Dia de Los Muertos altar. 

 10. Mink Skull Paper Weight

 This cute little Mink Jolly Rodger glitter weight would be a welcome addition to your work desk or art studio. 

11. Coffin Shadow Box

What better way to display all of your creepy findings? This would be perfect filed with crystals, tarot cards, strange jars and other mysteries. Or it might be excellent for makeup brushes, nail polish and eyeshadow. 

12. Pearlescent Octopus Light Switch Plate with Eye

Ace of Clay is right! Nailed it! This is another really great tentacle piece for all of you Kraken lovers. Turn your boring switch plates into something that will spook and delight your guests. 

13. Book Art Print Skull Painting

This is for all of my victorian romantic goths out there. This would go great in a bedroom or along with a collection of paintings on the way up the stair case. Isn't she lovely? 

 14. Gothic Art Doll Soft Sculpture Oddity Folk

Adorable and terrifying. What more could you want in a plushy? Take this little cutie home to live amongst your creatures. 

15. Snake Vertebrae Bone Claw Necklace Pendant

Raven claws and snake vertebrae? Yes please. This would look great on a pale collar bone or over a handsome vest. 

16. The Black Dahlia

Beautiful and oh so shinny, this glorious center piece sings into the depths of night. 

17. Royal Cat

 Bring an air of royalty to your humble abode. This hairless yet fashionable cat is sure to turn heads. 

 18. MIDNIGHT - Scented Candle

My whole life is a dark room, one, big, dark, room. Ok, ok, maybe a little less dark with this candle. Breath in the cool sent of midnight.

19. Ghoul Hand Lamp

This one is for all of the steampunk lovers of the strange. This is a perfect way to light your bedroom or study.

 20. Black Gold Frankenstein & Bride Tea Set

Tea time anyone? I am loving this romantic, whimsical set. 

 21. Ghostly-Bob

Don't talk to Bob. He is in a bad mood. Maybe because he used to be somebody? Even with the scowl, he is irresistibly cute.  

22. Bats Hanging Vinyl

Welcome to the bat cave! Quite literally.

23. Handmade leather Necronomicon Journal

Do you need somewhere to write down your secrets and dark desires? This freaky little book will keep a close eye on them for you. 

24. Bat Wings

I might hang around for the evening, or I might fly away into the night. These wings are an awesome addition to any little black dress.

25. Spells and Potions Square Pillow

This plush pillow is a must have for any haunted mansion. Every witch or wizard will love a pillow decorated with pages of spells and potions. 


I hope you have enjoyed my collection of strange and wonderful things! Please come back often for blog updates and new items. 

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  • Trish on

    Love the Hand Lamp and the Spells and Potions Pillow! Thanks for posting!

  • Vicky on

    Love the playfulness of this article. Great information.

  • Moxie Morgan on

    Definitely bookmarking this. Great collection. Thank you. :)

  • Teresa on

    I love these! Stealing! hehe. Seriously though, cool stuff. I bought one of the pillows, can wait to get it!

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